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25 replies on “TOM DALEY’S BODY”

Oh god I´╗┐ was laughing from start to finish. If one day you ever develop terminal cirrhosis, they need to put you in with the leukemia kids, the clown dudes have nothing on this.

I have been informed because I didn’t´╗┐ know who the fuck Tom Daley was either.

My birthday is may 20TH, and people´╗┐ make fun of my name being similar to his, DAMN YOU TOM DALEY!!!

Am I the´╗┐ only on to notice that Tyler Oakley was the one who said ‘Tom Daley’s body’? :’) gotta love Tyler <3

Thanks, the pic is in a video i uploaded, feel free to go to my channel and have a look ;)´╗┐

You are all objectifying´╗┐ this guy lol. Don’t complain when it happens to you

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