Tom Daley tells Jonathan Ross opening up about boyfriend was ‘terrifying’

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In the video he said that others were going to have their own opinion but
erm…….. what has Toms personal life got to do with anyone else!? Your
so brave Tom!

Autograph hunters beware ye Tom Daley he may be looking at the Stars in
your eyes, but he’s thinking of Uranus.

Great news… see ppl still luv ya .
Ur tue face of Britain and u shuld be proud .. wateva sexuality u are xxx

@ Arthur lottery You poor sad ugly person, the fact that you can make a
negative comment says that you don’t have a life Really, look at your life,
why would it bother you if someone else is happy being who they are? Get
some help, or you can come say what you said to my face and ill beat your

Message for Tom: In a sane world you should not have felt it necessary to
peddle the “bi” story prior to the JR show but no worries we all got the
“how do you take it” joke and your dirty little secret is safe with us.
Just ignore the savages and tell Dustin from us that he is a very lucky man

Good on him,people have no right to take the piss out of him being gay.You
manage with people like Alan Carr but can’t with an Olympics medalist ?

Well done Tom!!! Left a comment on the other video too but didnt add glad
everything went well and that most responses were positive, ignore the
negative replies though Tom!!!! :)

The of course I still fancy girls just sounds like a line advised by his PR
to throw in to keep his female fans. It would have sounded more appropriate
as to say he was bi sexual than I’m with a guy OF COURSE I STILL FANCY
GIRLS!… Fair play though. It has to be very difficult when you are in the
public eye as much as he is. Still, Bravo Tom.

I love Tom, and I knew he was gay when he was 14 He just seemed and seems
like a very special person, He’s going to be the reason why I open a
twitter account so I can cancel out any negative comments anyone makes
toward him

I don’t think you needed gaydar to have seen which way he was leaning long
before the famous JR interview. Some guys are just not buch enough to pass
as “normal” (ha, ha) and Tom certainly came in this catagory as far as I
was concerned. During the interview it is clear to me he was that way
inclined long before he met Dustin. References to “my dirty little secret”
and “I didn’t know other people were like this” speak volumes to me about
how early your orientation like mine is established. God bless you Tom and
I’m proud of you !

Good on you Tom for being brave like this to be so honest about your
orientation. I wish you and Dustin a very happy Christmas and a long loving
life together. So proud you are a Brit !

Inspired by Tom Daley, Brazilian diving champion Ian Matos, who plans to
compete in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics, just announced that he is
gay. Daley has helped pave the way for other athletes to be honest about
their personal lives in the future.

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