Tom Daley hot moments


Movie Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Tom Daley hot moments”

  1. iyamileth

    The girl that gets a piece of that…..

  2. TIGERSTAR19971

    I read the title and was like… Hot moments? Don’t u mean HIS LIFE?!?

  3. LibertyPablo


  4. DannyODonoghue1fan

    he is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fliping hot

    someone throw me into a pool of ice its getting hot around here

  5. hammyhog1

    It reflects his dick.

  6. Jake James

    omg hes just so fucking hot

  7. Jake James

    he is so fucking hot 

  8. niki-indi pops

    I couldn’t stop staring at him when he stared at the camera 1:19

  9. rasyadiris

    OMG OMG!

  10. Shaniqua Tyreesha


  11. Nikole Martinez

    Nope. Done.

  12. karina styles

    0:11 Squeez, Squeez.

  13. sk8terboy1983

    First off idiot it should be “too” not “to”…no wonder you twats can’t pass standerized testing. Second, why the hell does it matter what sexuality he is. I hate it when people say stupid things like “too bad he is gay” or “what a waste.” You need to get out of that mentality. I hope that one day we will be able to just admire his amazing story and his great talent. Last, Ami like your ugly ass even had a chance.

  14. Ka Wong

    (ami Gomez) WTF…

  15. Maesa Gadsby

    he isn’t!

  16. Elizabeth pinkney

    to my future husband, tom Daley! please marry me

  17. Melissa Matos

    hahha i dont think he is :)

  18. Ami Gomez

    to bad he gay!:(

  19. Payton Norberg

    Ermahgerd. ! Ah husband (:

  20. jackskellingtonsora

    I was just sitting here innocently watching a video and suddenly my pants were off.

  21. sebastian sartorialissimo

    His FUCKING LIFE is a hot moment….

  22. Melissa Matos

    Thank you guys for all the lovely coments! love you <3 xx

  23. Nabster364


  24. chloe cottrell


  25. Alex Shuman

    fuck of i did not say that