Tom Daley – Funny Moments

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Zeb120 Tom is not a faggot nor is he gay nor is he a cunt so why don’t you go fuck yourself

he SWALLOWS but keeps it on the down low to keep up his hetero image.

Pathetic faggot another BEIBER WANABEE

i love him soooo much i always say how much i love his sexy six pack but after this vid i now have a whole new apreciation for him. amasingly i love him even more. wow

Only the hottest guy haha… he is an Olympic Diver and he represented TeamGB in London2012 and will do in Rio2016 🙂 Glad i could be of help and i seriously believed you were joking?? :/

i watched that and you’re right he is an amazing young guy who is gorgeous, strong and he has been through a lot and losing your Dad is ssoooooo hard but he has carried on because of his Dad was so supportive and he is doing what he loves to do as a job.. not many peoplr can say that.. so listen to this girl…. and me of course because Tom is an amazing individual and as ilovian said there’s more to him then people make out he’s just truly remarkable so think that he is just like u b4 u judge(:

no he has just had a good upbringing and is well spoken… He is known as a gay icon… like footballers and other famous people but no he is not gay… oh and even if he was it wouldn’t change who Tom is defined as he is a fine young lad persueing his dreams as are other normal teenagers 🙂
Tom you’re welcome 😀 xxxxxx

there is no denying he’s hot and he’s generally cute and awwwwwww addddooooorable and he is sexy…. and i know it!!!!! hahaha

I know he’s hot he’s cute yeah, but have any of you guys watching this seen “Diving for Britain” documentary here on youtube? Watch it… I used to fangirl over Tom just cos he’s beautiful, but there’s a LOT more to him than just a pretty face and body. He’s so brave, and so, so strong… he’s been through a lot and how he’s handle it all along, fighting for his dream. He’s just a true role model and a real hero, in way. Really amazing. Inspirational actually.

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