Tom Daley Drug Tests Before School 2011

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I’m in that part of youtube where I think “Yes, Tom is gorgeous, but am I really listening to him talking about peeing in a cup?”

That’s funny how much precaution they take with the testing… 2 people have to watch you pee in to a cup that gets separated in to 2 vials that go to 2 different labs to return 2 different results to make sure no 1 person can beat the system… unless of course, you’re the person who writes down the results of the tests in Toms file… or does Tom have 2 different medical files as well, in 2 different offices? O_o

Is it me or is there something fishy about people who turn up at randomly to watch Tom Daley pee claiming it’s for “drug tests”…

im learning the exact same thing as him in maths…no joking, the stuff on the board is the stuff we do at skool lol

“Tom, you gotta get up, the drug testers are here for you.”

*Teenage grunty voice* “Brilliant.”


IM NOT A GIRL. lol.. I will post this nriuodnferihjwodfnokcsmajfcklnfdsjk

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