Tom Daley: Diving for Britian part 1

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I’m sure his dad was watching over him as Tom was diving during the Olympics. And it’s safe to say he would have been immensely proud of him. Just because someone isn’t there in body doesn’t mean they’re not there in mind and spirit. Tom would have been thinking about his Dad in his final seconds before the dive I’m sure. Well done Tom and rest in peace Rob -3

So so so sad that Rob never got to see Tom in 2012 Olympics, Hopefully he was watching him from somewhere <3

I love Tom, for many more reasons other than his attractiveness.. I love him x

I love you Tom Daley your story is really touching and you are an amazing diver and to top it all off your really fit i love you sooo much cant wait to see you get gold in Rio! xoxo

I don’t just like Tom because he’s attractive. His story is so touching and I’m literally sobbing. Rip mr Daley 🙁

Toms daley’s brother ben daley goes to my school and Tom Daley goes to my old school I’ve seen him there!


R.I.P. Rob Daley. Tom, he would be so proud of you.. Your amazing, And so cute. xoxo

He was complaining about the flashing before the scores were even announced. With or without the redive he would have gotten bronze, and you’re just making yourself look like an idiot because you clearly know nothing about what happened. He deserved his medal 100%.

his so called fans were so horrible to him at the 2012 olympics f you whoever dissed his dive im crying coz i love how strong this family is

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