The Graham Norton Show S12E07 Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Ennis, Ricky Gervais, Bruno Mars


Video Score: four / five

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23 Responses to “The Graham Norton Show S12E07 Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Ennis, Ricky Gervais, Bruno Mars”

  1. ephemere clair

    the last man on the red chair was so adorable. Do people in Scotland really speak like that? <3

  2. silentxinsanityy

    Um not everyone gets BBC America

  3. pinkfantasy9699

    Your attitude seems a bit catty for such a simple answer..

  4. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5

    I know it’s on BBC America. It doesn’t mean she is subscribed to it!

  5. Jennifer01275

    Not to mention he is an arrogant asshole

  6. Jennifer01275

    This show runs in US on BBC America dear

  7. Pete8450

    “Yeah, I had a good gap but I wanted to finish it off properly.” – this attitude is how you win gold.

  8. CrazyCheska17924

    graham’s face at 22:15 🙂

  9. irishprincessrainbow

    From Edinburgh next to Glasgow, I am not amused :p actually that’s a lie I am, Glasgow is very nice though 🙂

  10. 1983Dave1983

    Great night on Norton! A lot of very funny moments 😀

  11. mittao86

    I am a gay midget and i am proud of it, anyone need a retire gay midget porn/star?

  12. borstmannen1

    konstigt att inte grabben fattar att med utseende och visualitet borde han göra i heard it in the grape vine. by marvin gay. it fits him perfectly.
    content hi has an idiot as agent.
    I res my case.

  13. elevengiant

    suggestion space slots.

  14. GeekVessel

    I’m guessing gay stuff.

  15. GeekVessel

    All the space on the Internet. Soon we’ll have to start deleting stuff because of Graham Norton.

  16. midnightstwilight

    Excuse me but the republic of Ireland is not British and neither are the people from there, only Northern Ireland considers itself part of Britain

  17. MrSERXEL

    0:09 hilarious. lol

  18. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5

    They probably don’t have it there and she is thankful seeing as she is a vast distance away lol.

  19. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5

    Southern Ireland and it’s residents including Graham are not British.

  20. Nick Preston

    Dan is a cool guy

  21. warmupgig

    I haven’t been a big bruno mars fan but that was awesome!!!! love his band 🙂

  22. Ravi Parekh

    Graham Nortons shows are always epic. Most of the time the personalities are always well balances so theres always a conversation between them on the sofa which is brilliant. It shows that they are as normal as the rest of us when you take away everything else.

  23. midnighter1339

    I died at 23:55