The complete Paul Scholes compilation

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Now look at Steven Gerrard. Compilation. Paul was a great player but gerrard is better he’s got everything

He is unique. He has played various positions starting out as a second striker, then attacking midfielder,left midfielder, orthordox central midfielder, and deep lying playmaker. I cant think of any other player who has done this to the level that Scholes has. I never tire of watching him play,my favourite player ever.

His long passing are the best ever seen. Players like Xavi, Giggs and Pirlo will never have the same long passing abillity as Scholes.

Well, if he was Mediterranean he definitely would have gotten more recognition. He would have escaped the stereotype that English players are brawny, hard-workers that lack technical ability – and yes, wouldn’t have been ginger.

if he was one to seek the limelight, he’d probably be higher rated than messi

I’m a Liverpool fan but i’ve loved watching Paul Scholes play over the years, he makes everything (apart from tackling) look so easy. For me the best player in the premier league era and seems like a top bloke too.

I’ve never heard so many legends pay tribute to one player. Just so you know Xavi and Iniesta treats Scholes like GOD, and considers him the best midfielder they’ve seen. Both of them actually fought to have his shirt during the 2011 Champions League campaign when he scored the only goal which knocked Barca out.. fyi – Iniesta got the shirt because Scholes rates him higher! 🙂

His bad tackling was compensated by his incredible vision and defence splitting passing skills. He the the best passer ever!!

Scholes would’ve got more recognition if he had black hair…. that’s got to be the answer

scholes>rooney>gerrard, dont bother replying. just accept the truth and enjoy youre life.

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