Splash! Final – Dive of the Week – Eddie The Eagle & Tom Daley

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Las que les hacen sus necesidades a los chicos no les gusta dormir con alguien que se ha comido o le han hecho de todo.Por eso se los van quitando y pasandoselos a las amigas…

the only way i would have watched Splash! would have been if it was hosted by Michael Barrymore and the contestants were found at the bottom of the pool

Is it just me who is thinking that Eddie picked the wrong sport, the man must be nearing 50 and yet he is diving next to a brilliant diver in Daley yet he does not look at all out of place he is obviously a very decent athlete. Well done Eddie i think we joke and laugh when Eddie the Eagle comes to mind, but he deserves respect and applause for this brilliant achievement, WELL DONE EDDIE.

Every time I watch Tom, I actually become even more gay. I had not thought this was possible.

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Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards is so fearless, it’s unbelievable. Tom you were right, he should have been a diver!! Love you Tom, you were such a great coach to all of them! <3

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