Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho and FC Barcelona: The Story So Far

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2013 Real Madrid 3-1 barcelone and next Real Madrid 2-1 barcelone that’s ur answer

champions league is the most prestigious. the league title is the hardest to win. if real win the champions league and copa del rey to add to the super cup they would have had a better season. some barca fans last year said that barca had a better season cos they won 4 trophies. madrid only won one, well it was the league. besides although barca will still win the league it won’t be by 13 points more from 5-8. barca are not that great at the moment.

Lol and? 13 pts in the most important trophy of the year… 13 pts. same crap excuse for Barca last year or else, RM would have had no trophy last season. Don’t be a sore loser.

and? only reason real are so far behind is because they have not been at their best this season. the hunger isn’t there in the league. if it was the gap would be closer.

2013? mourinho’s madrid beat barcelona for the 2nd time in 5 days. knocking barca out of the copa del rey, ending their treble dream and defeating them 2-1 in the league to deepen the crisis for the catalan giants.

Whats the rock song called? i need it, i need it more than terry needs wives!!!

Waiting for this guy to get back to England, so all fans of English clubs who now love him because they hate Barcelona for beating them in the Champions League, will see again what a psychopat he is when he starts again his mental attacks on “maffia boss” Ferguson or “voyeur” Wenger or Benitez, or whoever stands in the way of his ego. Popcorn time…

Bullshit. People follow other people a lot in hypes nowadays. People have became sheep. I’m no Barca fan but I still can think logicly, Barca doesn’t get help from the UEFA. I can remember a hands bal that inter made a few years ago, barca didn’t get a penalty and they got kicked out of the CL. That wasn’t the only time a ref didn’t side with Barca. Each club gets a decision against them now and then.
And Barca isn’t becoming huge shit. They are just in a bad period. That can happen after years

Uefa: Rijkaard did approach Frisk

barca fan buthurt level over 9000 sorry bro not mou s fault barca are shit

Thank you for that rare footage of Mou’s speech. Could you post the whole speech?

Mourinho is a master of head games he tries to fucl refs by saying the other team cheats so his players won’t be carded or sent off mind games

2013 now real madrid eliminated barselona 3 – 1 for the final of the king cup

i cant believe how many mourinho cocksuckers are there in this world…he’s such a fucked up guy and a digusting human being

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