Real Madrid vs. LA Galaxy FULL HIGHLIGHTS: World Football Challenge 2012


Movie Rating: four / 5

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23 Responses to “Real Madrid vs. LA Galaxy FULL HIGHLIGHTS: World Football Challenge 2012”

  1. GagansSlyVids

    No It Should Be Brock Lesnar!

  2. Fro7enDesigns

    American teams suck!

  3. Nicolas Calderon

    by the way milan also lost 5-1 to real madrid, does that mean they suck? Lol

  4. Nicolas Calderon

    I just hope they dont remove the salary cap. Just imagine all the rich american billionaire buying MLS clubs for fun and games, buying buying and going ham.

  5. celorodri320

    MLS is not ready for real football

  6. celorodri320

    son they are not even close to their best this is like a practice game

  7. bumbles121

    America can’t play soccer for shit.

  8. Faisal Mutabazi

    rm is still shit because they are facing a MLS team

  9. فهد الهاجري

    love it

  10. Raim AK

    Real’s stars gave an opportunity for several new players!!!! This is a level of LA Galaxy!!!

  11. 1310beth

    maybe now but not in beckhams prime

  12. MrCathal007


  13. CoolGuyDanny182

    Donovan is better than beckham…

  14. fraser1qw

    MLS has a looong way to go hahahah

  15. tsongaNdance

    I thought we sucked at football…

  16. tsongaNdance

    if you think i got time to think about your pretty ass all day then you on them lean blunts breh breh

    Well they say germans never lose on penalties?
    Ashley: they do now.
    They say niggas like you are keyboard warriors who gets off from youtube fights.
    Ashley: they do now… bitch ;]

  17. gogomadmen619

    He’s probably not playing for the english squad because he’s over 30. Does Maldini play for Italy ? No still they are world class players. I pity your ignorance.

  18. LEGOdude965

    Of course Galaxy lost, America sort of sucks at soccer

  19. muhahahahahh

    ahahahahahaahahaha your funny and have no clue about football, if beckham is ‘World class’ why is he not playing in the England squad LOL. Please kill yourself.

  20. gogomadmen619

    please kill yourself:)

  21. FreightlinerFred

    Diarra? The West Ham bloke?

  22. peterhansen962

    Suk it la haha

  23. muhahahahahh

    hahahahahahaha beckham is not world class/