Real Madrid vs Barcelona 3-4 2014 | Goles y Resumen | El Clasico 2014 [23/03/2014]


Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Real Madrid vs Barcelona 3-4 2014 | Goles y Resumen | El Clasico 2014 [23/03/2014]”

  1. dRI Gomes

    In America they give Hurricane names! if they ever give one Lionel Messi
    You better evacuate

  2. Royal Flash

    Ronaldo Dive 8/10 , Neymar Dive 10/10, Iniesta Dive 6/10 

  3. jaya tonna

    I am Neutral ! i love BOTH Teams , and dont give a damn who wins , BUT the
    Ref´s are cold blooded killers of Football, this m fu… is chosen to fuck
    the game , dont know how much this skunk got, but football is no GAME
    anymore ,the Refs are Bought for Blood money,the FiFa should find a decent
    way to combat Cheating Refs it was plain to see this STINKING Ref taking
    sides ! Curse this pest Refs

  4. chikifree

    madrid are such cry babies. free penalty and they till complain

  5. ConcordDown

    Messi beat Ronaldo on Goal 1/nothing, on Penalties 2/1 and on assist
    1/nothing. I’m not sure here if Ronaldo dived there but I was very
    disappointed with Neymars diving.

  6. LobsterBurrito

    Ronaldo deserves an Oscar for that beautiful dive 10/10

  7. Ziwa Fizae

    Referee 4 Real Madrid 3

  8. DJ MacK

    Fc barlona cheat ronaldo fell 2 times and the ref don’t say nothing

  9. Miguel Garcia

    God, madrid fans are the worst because they have the simplest and most
    ignorant come backs to everything. “All they do is dive”, “the ref is
    always on their side”, “Fuck messi, cr7 is better”, “its always 10 men Vs
    12 men. ” Just admit defeat, and look towards next game. You guys are ahead
    in la liga anyways, focus more on your guys performance instead of the
    opponents.. gosh

  10. Timmy Xiong

    Madrid fan just accept the lost man!
    no need to blame the ref,

  11. emily love

    My favorite goal has got to be iniesta’s, he has a unique talent

  12. Khurmiful

    People should admire the diving, it’s been part of the game for as long as
    I’ve been watching football. I actually enjoy the diving parts, some very
    good and some comical. It adds an extra layer to the plot. They all do it
    to influence the REF and his decision is final, full stop. The moaning and
    bitching of players and the fans is all good stuff, adds to the excitement.
    And why is it that Brazilians are not only among the best players but
    traditionally the best divers too? Northern Europeans generally have no
    grace when it comes to diving. Klinnsman was good though.

  13. Seth Wright

    El Classico: a referees nightmare.

  14. Ryan Archie Gabiazon

    Messi will have a great chance to win the ballon d’or this year


    Barcelona beat Madrid twice this season home and away so SHUT THE FUCK UP
    and stop crying about the refs, the Ronaldo penalty was pure BULLSHIT and
    it was outside the penalty area, so the score should’ve been 4-2.

  16. drake rogers

    Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Messi and Diego Costa all have a chance at the ballon
    d’or depending on who wins the champions league

  17. balq138264

    VISCA BARCA beat madrid in there home hahaha

  18. ThePanter13


  19. HightechC

    What a game! I have never cried as much during a football game as I did in
    this, because of pure terror, hope and finally… Joy! Visca Barca!

  20. Jin Han Park

    They should have let benzema do the penalty for his hattrick

  21. edgar alvarez

    Fuck nights blaming on the ref is fact hoe barca is simply the BEST 

  22. amer dillen


  23. Mini Flash Gamer

    Playing good is not the only way to win

  24. Miłosz Szymański

    fc barcelona win!

  25. yudisley mtnz

    Messiiiiii a a a papaso al madrid.