Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2 – 1 All Goals and Full Match Highlights [02/03/2013] HD


Movie Rating: 4 / five

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21 Responses to “Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2 – 1 All Goals and Full Match Highlights [02/03/2013] HD”

  1. kerimoguzko

    barca just fuqqed ur team 5:0
    real wont win anything this year only copa del rey haha xd
    cham. league will win b. munich and la liga goes to barca xD

  2. rmstarcom777

    Ha ha  barcelona the best Real madrid and i hate messi ronaldo is 100% better

  3. therealDanHeinlein

    Last three games vs each other Real scores 6 goals where Barca only scores 2. Ronaldo gets 4 of them. Suck it you barca fucks. Stick that tikki tacka bullshit right up your ass.

  4. Dark033Production

    messi was outside shm

  5. 3337777bwin

    real madrid your the only one…congratulations…
    barcelona can`t defeat your team,,hala madrid

  6. David Villanueva

    1:32 theres a scarf that says PUTA MADRID LOL

  7. Gian Luca Salvi

    the goalkeeper of Barcellona was looking for butterflies on 2nd goal …..

  8. camilo diaz

    Se acabo la magia del barca

  9. pepoki130

    la cara de iniesta lo dice todo

  10. carlos estrada

    Good bye BARCELOSERS it’s the end of your era…

  11. bmf439

    barca suuuuuucks! real madrid is the best!!!! HALA RONALDO HALA MADRID!!

  12. camilo rodriguez


  13. HockeyMDF


  14. 2Minuta

    Barcelona :S

  15. Humor Negro


  16. ulmintuan Page

    The bestttt

  17. llllIIIllIIllll

    Love Real <3

  18. Gian-Carlo Torres

    Otra vez!! Que bueno!! Hala Madrid!!

  19. MsHitam

    RIP barshitlona

  20. Stanley Vasquez

    llora barca llora.. tu papa no es de hoy.. ha sido desde siempree HALA MADRID!!

  21. samalfaro87

    madrid madrid madrid!!