Real Fans. Real Madrid — adidas Football


Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Real Fans. Real Madrid — adidas Football”

  1. John, John Salchichon

    Kaká, Xavi Alonso,Özil good times… 

  2. YouTubeBrows

    No ronaldo because he is a nike boy

  3. Jeffry Haryanto

    0:24 free nike ads

  4. JoE ErikseN

    They cut Ozil and Kaka’s scene in the new video! :(

  5. Flores Magali
  6. Messi10

    Real Madrid

  7. Diego Intriago

    Mishones de cacas xD (kaka)

  8. tan das

    Hala Madrid :)

  9. Styne Whax

    Lol benzema (Cordiallement)

  10. Prodi-G Jimenez

    0:24 esta cr7 y se alcanzan a vver los mercurial negros ke pede adiddas

  11. stefano orozco

    benzema el mjor y iker

  12. ayoub chrif

    viva madrid

  13. Miguel Andrade
  14. Zizu Zanini

    0:23 -Ronaldo 

  15. Brandsgym

    +Real Madrid C.F. quiere sentir el apoyo de sus fans!

  16. Felipe Arias
  17. Pablo Roman
  18. مصطفى اسماعيل
  19. madrid1996fd

    Ronaldo wearing Mercurial vapors, lol

  20. Rahat Khan RK

    Whats up fake JJ -_-

  21. yulianny rodriguez


  22. Alvargon

    ¡¡¡Viva San Iker!!!! ^^

  23. darcar mecboy

    Q asco

  24. Austin Yeo

    Saw ronaldo in a adidas add

  25. BSMALLZ360

    no ronaldo?