Raising An Olympian – JESSICA ENNIS

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Olympic’s is more about the courage and determination and people cheer them because of the spirit.Nationality comes secondary and true people who love sports won’t talk about colour or race.This athlete’s deserve’s plaudit way more than so called celebrities.We don’t often hear that this athlete or that athlete is involved in sex romp or some maniac thing’s that profesional footballer’s and movie celebrities does.

i felt kinda bad for going for jessica instead of my own country, but that was just one of my olympic moments

Such a sheep you our. Why do you bow down to the queen so much? Its ridiculous. You know they think nothing of you right?

Check out 9 year old Temiah’s tribute to Jessica on “TMTV – Girl On Fire”

Her Mum talked of how she tried to protect Jess from people she (her Mum Alison) suspected might have built here hopes up too much when she (Jess) was young.

Does it really matter where any of these are from? Look at the amazing things they have done.

Why in gods name are you all diving away back into history!?
This video is purely for fans of Jessica Ennis (like myself), and for supporters of Team GB!
Seriously, get over yourselves, it’s a promotional video and Jess Ennis has achieved more than any of you ever will. I would be proud if I was her mother!

i cant believe all the political comments on a video about a MOTHER meditating on her child. This is such a beautiful and touching video . How can politics be in anybody’s mind after watching this video, gosh. Well done Jess and well done mum

China controls the US? RIght…they controlled us to have health care reform, invade Iraq, bash them in public. Are you that stupid? Notice that CHina places its funds in US Treasuries? WHy? They wanna help us? Or is it because they have nowhere else to put it? Think before you open your mouth. As for great inventions, the internet was invented in the US. Whatever the UK did was so looong ago, nobody remembers.

People like Jess Ennis deserve more fame then any freaking singer or TV actor to start off with, they don’t do anything “inspirational” or something that brings reward and pride to any nation, so if anything, people like her totally deserve the celeb status, especially after all of their training that they do with their own free time.

I cannot believe why Jessica Ennis or any other British sports man or woman are getting a celebrity status when they win a gold its pathetic. After the amount of money is invested in them they should get a gold medal no less then it has been a wasted investment.

There is no hate here. SImply talking the facts. The UK is insignificant compared with the US. What is offensive about that? Its the truth. Deal with it.

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