Paul Scholes vs France Euro 2004 By Markg541


Video clip Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Paul Scholes vs France Euro 2004 By Markg541”

  1. TitanFind

    Having Lampard edge out Scholes was the beginning of an era of garbage for
    England. Not that Lampard is a bad player, but Scholes made the engine room
    of the England side tick. 

  2. lamps

    Scholey should have played CM all the way up to 2010, what a joke he was
    played on the wings. Not Gerrard, Gerrard backup, Maybe start Lamps over
    Gerrard as well.

  3. Michael Willett

    Is this a 7 minute video of Paul Scholes giving the ball away? The most
    overrated player in the modern game.

  4. TitanFind

    Still can’t believe we lost this game. Ridiculous.

  5. Andres Silva

    So many legends in there

  6. Nissangtr786

    I think scholes evolved his game. People talk about man utd demise but the
    reality is we haven’t replaced scholes as well as SAF. Fellaini has been a
    bad buy so far.

  7. john weiht

    Look at the way the french players double team on scholes all the time.
    They always ensure to close him down quick when he is receiving the ball.
    Also, they stand off when he has the ball. That shows alot of respect,
    because if u are committed, then scholes can make u look like an idiot with
    a simple pass.

    Look at how zizou and viera and makalele respected scholesy when he is in
    possession. Cant get close to him.. Gerrard probably respected scholesy too
    much in games as well, he needed to step up and want the ball, but everyone
    was happy just to give him the ball.. 

  8. robertmoles11

    Gerrard and Lampard at their club peak both had the midfield built around
    them and effectively giving them license to roam. This played to their
    attacking strengths and made up for their weakness in being unable to
    control games like Scholesy could. Take Scholes out of this midfield, and
    you have 2 headless chickens and a team starved of creativity aka World Cup

  9. rcades1234

    makes me laugh how these guys earn millions and everyone wants to be them.
    People watch them on TV every week saying how good they are. and they fail
    to notice that eveything the top players are built on are pass and move.
    however when you play on sunday no one wants to pass they wanted to do 50
    yard through balls, shoot from everywhere and dribble it everytime. makes
    me laugh how these people then say how good are players like scholes. how
    about they get played millions so maybe just try an play a little like

  10. robertmoles11

    The problem at the time was the media were making a big deal about Scholes
    not scoring for 3 years for England. This, along with Lampards rise into a
    regular goal scorer put unnecessary pressure on Scholes. In a way he was a
    victim of his own success at regular goal scoring early in his career, when
    the media and apparently Sven failed to recognise his ability at keeping
    the team playing well as they just saw him as a goal scoring midfielder. 

  11. robertmoles11

    To be fair to Gerrard under Rodgers he is beginning to learn how to dictate
    the play and control games. He’s lost his attacking instinct but actually
    improved intelligence. It’s a shame Scholes didn’t play next to him at a
    World Cup finals. 2002 may have been very different against Brazil if he
    had been there and Becks was fit. 

  12. robertmoles11

    Beckham Scholes Gerrard Lampard Rooney Owen
    What a front 6!

    Scholes was the most important player out of all of them as he made them
    all tick. Lampard and Gerrard great players in their own right but
    unfortunately need the right midfield around them. 

  13. phil xavi

    its funny all lamphard and jizzard wanna do is bolt into box like a horse

  14. ahchaibloodcrip

    And as retarded as I am, you claim. There was absolutely NO NEED to bring
    Gazza’s name into this. I know you will mean no harm but BAH, its bad
    enough Scholes’s tribute, theres bunch of idiots with lame ass comments and
    now, in this.

  15. Edward Green

    Did they win ? up to where did they go in that competition

  16. G3rryb10

    We have a team now kinda like this where we have a right winger and three
    centre midfielders. The guy on the left literally just plays his way into
    the middle and without the ball we just press as normal with him as a left

  17. G3rryb10

    Yeah I know what your saying. Scholes looked class in this game and then
    got taken off, crazy.

  18. jadesands2013

    Ha zidane had no chance!

  19. ahchaibloodcrip

    Zidane is one of a kind just like Scholes is. Clowns who are still having
    the mindset that Jack Wilshere is a better and superior upgrade of Scholes
    should get sodomized real hard. No English player even as of now has the
    vision, ability to hold on to the ball without panicking under pressure or
    can produce the type of passes like Scholes. Gerrard+Lampard is not even
    half of Scholes’s overall ability. Only ABUs wank and get wet on Lampard,
    Gerrard, Wilshere, and yes even Cleverley too.

  20. Arafa MUFC

    No Scholes played Central Midfield with Gerrard & Lampard was playing Left
    Wing! I watched this game live.

  21. Majoxbecks

    Lampard was superb in this game like Scholes and Beckham.stop with your
    usual crap

  22. lilbashka

    Zinade was pissed that whole game because scholes was dominating the
    midfield… i was disgusted when he took him off.. cause said zizou hell
    yeah.. ginga man is off.. ima about to dominate their ass… soon england
    lost possession and ultimately lost that game… stupid Erickson… this is
    the main reason scholes retired from english football..

  23. Skylinez4

    WOW. i cant believe they didnt win this tournament…

  24. sweetswha1

    england 1-0 up. controlling the game. decide to take off scholes. england
    lose 2-1 because a so called midfielder does what scholes would never
    do…he gave the ball away.

  25. yazoo178

    When was the last time England kept the ball with confidence like this?
    When ever I watch them against a top team like Italy/Germany they panic and
    throw the ball away.