Paul Scholes Vs Barcelona

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1999 and 2008 : United win the Premier League and Champions League.
2009 and 2011: Barca win the Premier League and Champions League.


Yep because Xavi isn’t 5 years younger than Scholes who is like 38 now. Don’t compare Xavi in his prime to an ageing Scholes. In fact when Xavi was below 30 , when United with a younger Scholes played Barcelona; I didn’t see them score a single goal over two legs…They are obviously better than him now but make some legit comparisons.

Xavi even said himself scholes is the best he’s ever seen.And giggs has won alot more than both of them .Ronlado’s only won 3 trophies with madrid does that mean a celtic player whos won 10 trophies is better than him ?Your opinions are not facts

Never said scholes is bad, my point is xavi n iniesta hav surpassed him BY FAR.. whether its the international level (scholes doesnt even stand a chance ther), or club level. no player in history has won more trophies than those 2 players, believe it or not, and yes scholes is masterclass, but nonetheless, lik it or not, the 2 hav outgrown his success, whether u wna look it through, facts, figures, or opinion..

If you going to hate for no reason at least don’t lie and make yourself look a nob .Scholes came on in the 75 minute as a sub in 2009 and was nearly 35 years old. and in 2011 he came on in the 77 minute and was nearly 37 years old.When scholes was in his prime united stopped barca from even making it out the group stages.Also in 2008 he knocked them out the semi finals.

Xavi played the entire second half. well and xavi didn’t outclass scholes because scholes didn’t play in the finals.  get your facts right.

So true. I love this video, Barca were clearly told to try and shut him out the game at half time. No chance.

he has xavi, who wasnt playing this game, and who has outclassed scholes the last 2x the teams hav met in the finals…

its a shame england is so behind the times or they would have built a team around him

5:29 – Tito Vilanova considers tabling a 90 million Euro bid for Scholes.

You just copied that comment from another Scholes video, that’s pretty lame.

Amazing player yet a simple person.

They don’t make them like that anymore 🙁

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