Paul Scholes Retires: A Tribute.

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the best player to play in the premier league……the best english midfielder in the past 30 years. been a pleasure to watch him play. a true legend. thanks for the memories scholesy

he is legend yow we will never ever find someone like him that the true

mr scholes you are my best we all love you .

but i want to ask you a quetion please answer

what do you feel when all are saying schoes our hero
scholes the best etc,….. what do u feel

Really think he should have been in the England Euro 2012 squad, his ability to control a game from the midfield is almost unmatched.

paul scholes thank you please dont retire at least wait until world cup 2014
paul scholes you will never walk alone
happy 20 years in man u!!!!!!

@zambiassoregenerated you’re a moron then, spanish league is all about possession and the italian league is really defensive, the premiership is the best league to watch, most end to end games in it and the best teams out of any league.

the premier league doesnt have the best team in the world but the number of top quality teams are high like chelsea,united,city,arsenal and totenham are pretty good as well. In la liga only real madrid and barca can win the league. Also in la liga barca win most games by 4+ goals because the teams are crap but in the premier league all teams are around the same level.

the standard is higher than the bottom teams of every league but the premier league is vastly overrated.

no he doesnt,thats hwy he has been ignored for so long in england.idiot.people actualy value lampard higher than scholes,sums up english football.thats hwy they need t import so many actually good players.

I watch serie a every week and laliga/premier league twice in the month and in my opinion, the football in premier league is really shitty, boring and overall not funny to watch.

so aguero,toure,silva,mata,hazard,rooney,rvp and many others are not good enough for other leagues. The premier league is the best in the world because the standard of football is higher than la liga or serie a.

Oh, I’m sorry if my english is’nt the best in the world, as you probably does’nt know, the whole world’s main language is not english you fucking idiot. Why don’t you try to speak swedish, or why not german? Foreign players make PL good, and the foreign players who plays in PL are there because they are not good enough for Serie A, Laliga and BL. As usual english people think they are the shit, and that is true, literaly.

LOL! Pirlos good but not better than scholes. and foreign players come to the Premier league because its the best league ever.

and lol ‘the only reason premier league even is good” are you like 5 or something

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