Paul Scholes, Passing (NEW 2012 HD)

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Ha its like my tactic in football, hit a ball over the top to a quick striker! Love scholes

I am a Chelsea fan, a huge fan of Frank Lampard, but Paul Scholes’ passes are of another level. The amazing vision, his passes are beautiful, its an art itself.

Just bought Scholes shirt. He is the greatest player I’ve seen in my life and prob ever will.

i’m from portugal but i real admired him, when everyone say that ronaldo was the player key of M. United, i laugh and said that is a lie, is paul scholes the soul of the sucess on M.United team in that time.
for me xavi + iniesta = PAUL SCHOLES

i dont get why he never got the credit he deserved throughout his career… xavi always got all the credit for being the best passer in the game.
Paul Scholes and Pirlo are the true passing masters

he is the best united player ever! his passes are marvelous! he is a living legend

Beckham did this throughout the 1999 CL final, Scholes is the swiss army knife of midfielders.

He is also a very nice man as after he retired some local kids near where he lives in oldham knocked on for him and asked him would he have a kick about with them so he got his boots on and went and had a game with them,
Not many professional footballers would do that he is a true legend and them few young lads are some of the lookiest people in the world to have played football with him along with the many players he has played with and against and the managers he has faced and worked under.

Greatest player i have witnessed in my lifetime, messi and ronaldo might score more goals but scholes has everything. I am a united fan and he is my favourite ever player and i think the only two midfielders near his quality of controlling the game with there passing at the moment are david silva, steven gerrard and wayne rooney, in the world only iniesta gets near him but still way off.
Perfect Tribute to a true legend

I always thought of Roy Keane being an attacking midfielder while Nicky Butt being a defensive midfielder. I thought that Paul Scholes would be a good second striker being able to drop into the midfield for attack and passing the ball to the lone striker upfront.

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