Paul Scholes passing compilation


Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Paul Scholes passing compilation”

  1. sh33pst3r

    Now, just need someone to get onto the end of them! haha

  2. zeeshan bukhari

    this is more beautiful than porn 😀


    i love him <3

  4. Dillerbas

    Better than my mom.

  5. tezmt1

    Watching him play live is even better.

  6. Saba Turdzeladze

    music is pretty baaaaaaaaad

  7. Camberwell86

    Watch “Football greats pay tribute to Paul Scholes” and see what the professionals have to say about him. And by professionals, I mean fucking legends.

  8. Luke Samuel Darch

    Better than porn.

  9. supermernz

    nice music u use

  10. Hermann Fegelein

    what kidding ???? Scholes in his prime is the best!!!

  11. hans peter


  12. kristofer sigmarsson

    hi =)

  13. vanderToki

    Well, you don’t play over seven hundred games in one of the best clubs in the world for nothing.

  14. Yerkin Mendeshev

    best cent mid in the world!

  15. syafiqul azhar

    u gotta be kidding me

  16. JeanYoyo74

    The Only one 

  17. usman haji

    @Jean completely agree. If anyone can be put on the same level as paul scholes, it is Pirlo

  18. JeanYoyo74

    But Pirlo can

  19. Netjak Jak

    Get your head out off your ass and recognise talent not off field antics…

  20. Mustafa Abdulqader

    Such a great player #respecttttt

  21. TheTenseGamer

    This might be overused – But he truly is a legend.

  22. khá nguyễn

    chuyền như đặt

  23. Fahad Mohammed


  24. yongbarca

    just imagine an on form scholes playing with current van persie….

  25. R9Melchi

    Gymnopedie would fit the video better