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Always Makes the football do the talking , Paul Scholes deserves a Knighthood

The statistics favour Paul Scholes over Xavi Hernandez and Andrea Pirlo because he has been a consistent presence in the Manchester Utd midfield for almost 20 years, has won 10 league titles, 4 F.A. cups, and 2 Champions League gongs and played in two more finals (he should have started against Barca in ’11). He had to adapt his game to be in a less attacking role and more a midfield talisman, and Fergie pleaded with him to come out retirement. That is Paul Scholes in a nutshell.

I agree, but what’s wrong with including Xavi or Pirlo in that ‘world-class calibre’? I don’t see what you’re arguing with tbh, make it clearer next time.

AND please, Scholes at his peak was in the same era as Zidane, Figo, Davids, etc who in their own rights were world-class calibre but Scholes were at least on the same level, if not higher.. But you got mye eyes SQUINTING when you simply used the word good for Scholes.

And no, English media dont hype about Scholes, they hyped ridiculously MORE about Lampard and Gerrard. None of them are and never will be in the same mould as Scholes.

I didnt say you are wrong you stupid debater. I’m just saying that your response is the exact same ones whenever theres someone saying Scholes is the best and second being cant even be close to him.

Did I say I agree with tht statement? SIGHS. So please, do get all angsty or whtsoever. I rate Pirlo more than Xavu because he is really the architect of passes, dictating plays, the opposed to the BORING tiki taka. And

What? Stupid response. You don’t think Xavi or Pirlo are close to Scholes? I’m a utd fan btw, so if anything my opinion of him would be higher than that of most people. Him being English only improves the general perception of him, seeing as the English media like to hype up all our players and make them out to be world beaters. Scholes is good, but there are other players of similar quality to him, you can’t deny that.

Same here, dude! I cant believe this made me cry, the music along with reading the quotes about Scholes. For me, England National Football Team treated him like shit, criminally being forced to play on the left side despite him being very awkward doing so. He is good enough individually to rub shoulders with the best midfielders in the world both for club and country, there was never any doubt on tht.

Dude, I always see this kind of response whenever theres a praise being give to Paul Scholes. Maybe you just dont get it or maybe its true, If only Scholes wasnt English then probably he had been greatly appreciated with no one being place above him.

Thanks Dude..
And yes..
If anyone thinks that he is anywhere near to Scholsey is the most foolish footballer of all time,,
No one can become as great as him on pitch..
forget the off pitch life which Scholes has..
Thats impossible for anyone on this planet to achieve..
Paul Scholes – A teacher, an inspiration, The BEST !!!!!

nuvole bianche – ludovico einaudi is the song, Scholes is the best that has ever been!

‘Oh, don’t bash De Gea. He will become a great United keeper. Give him time to grow’. what? seriously. Yo De Gea. What’s with you touching your crossbar every single time United scores an equaliser, only to have you concede another goal? Help me understand. Please? Pretty please?

which track is this??
truly reminds me of Scholsey..
the same humble nature he has always carried..

I have seen him play as a second striker, an attacking midfielder, a central midfielder,defensive midfielder, a deep lying play making midfielder, left midfielder,and
right sided midfielder.
I cannot think of any player who could do this to the level that Scholes did.
There is only one player who i rate higher than him and that player is Zidane.

Scholes and Keane both had great engines. Box to box guys. Physical fitness can cover alot of sins. A lot of players are just not fit enough… the old saying goes “you can’t fire a cannon from a canoe.”

I’m fucking crying right now! I know it’s the amazing Ludovico music, but seeing these quotes about my favourite player who probably be gone for good in 7 months………….I feel emotional. I love you Scholesy! Still the best even at 38.

all the delusional liverpool fans saying Gerrard is better ahahhahhahhahhha!

First time I saw him play live was at The Hawthorns. He absolutely destroyed West Brom single handed. No one could get near him. I was in awestruck by him as a 12 year old

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