Paul Scholes | GENIUS – King of Midfield HD

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If paul scholes had players around him that knew how to pass on the same level like the barca players xavi iniest we would have seen so much more but even at untd he had very good players around him and although maybe not as good as the barca players he still stoood out he is a genius mid player

Haha, you wish. Pirlo is special but Scholes is in a league of his own.
Scholes has been consistently phenomenal throughout his career, Pirlo can’t quite claim the same.

Mate you are world class! the song choice, the editing is world class absolutely world class! wish we could have more editors like you on youtube.. absolutely amazing mate keep it up!
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Someday I’m going to tell my kids about you! So glad that I was alive to witness you..
Happy Birthday LEGEND!

Can’t tell you how much I hate united.. but will admit that I have enjoyed watching the likes of Cantona, Beckham, Nistleroy(?) Giggs (who should prob hang up his boots…) etc.. yet you won’t see them score goals like Scholes does. Every one of his goals are thumpers and some completely unstoppable.. I have a hard time thinking of anyone who can kick a football as sweetly as Scholes does. Then there is his sense of timing.. Incredible! No one better on that one – any takers?

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