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Tom Daley tells Jonathan Ross opening up about boyfriend was ‘terrifying’


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Paul Scholes vs France Euro 2004 By Markg541


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Eileen Benthal Finishes A Race Of 5K


Eileen Benthal finished a 5K race which was sponsored by the Fire Department of Jamesport. By finishing the race what she means is that she just finished by moving during the entire course of the race. Hundred feet walk is what she did at the end. Then she resumed the race.

She started to race from spring time which became her walk of casual nature. After turning 50 she did not realise herself but that did not stop her from running. It is a great stress buster for her. When she gets the split of shin then she cannot even walk. She has to follow the rigorous training routine and stretching with consultation from DPT. Her right side is the cause of concern. For her to stay energized is what matters the most. So she began with rosary walk.

She believes in perseverance and that is what symbolises her life. Of course, it was painful for her to get up early in the morning with pain yet she used to get her equipments ready and with her running shoes she challenged her pain. In a way she exercised limitations to achieve the rhythm back. Paul, the Apostle stated that an athlete must exercise self-control. For her running the extra mile in the entire course was the hardest. Hearing the voice of the angel Eileen Benthal completed the race.

She wants to run for her daughter Johanna. Maintenance of weight, stress, flexibility is the things which she combats and most importantly it helps her to feel the feet. With rosary in hand she focused and concentrated with the help of rosary bead. At the end of the race she reminded herself of two mothers in her native place who was diagnosed with cancer and that gave her the strength to run.

Real Madrid 1-2 Fiorentina – Friendly – Goals highlights


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tom Daley – Diving for great Britain – final


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The Best Goals, Skills and Passes of Paul Scholes HD

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Chattooga rafting promises fun family adventure


Rafting is surely one of the best of adventures to be relished by the entire family and it turns all the more special on Chattooga river. The famous river promises great family-friendly ambience for those interested in rafting with the whole family.

The Chattooga river has altered quite a lot in the last few decades. Shielded since 1974 “Wild & Scenic River”, the Jackson county waterbody  has turned into a pretty popular joint for rafters, kayakers, outdoorsmen & hikers. It’s quite a crowded portal today & gets such frequent hits that forest department has been compelled to impose usage restrictions.

Yet Chattooga has always been hailed as the rafter’s river since Dickey (James) penned his landmark work about rafting here in 1970. The rafting enthusiasts throng here all the time to challenge themselves against nature’s force.

Dave Perrin, the river manager for Nantahala Outdoor Center remarked that Chattooga has turned into an amazing place for great family fun. The manager has witnessed 40 seasons on Chattooga & is the much respected grand old chap of this stream.

“We are very family-friendly here”, stressed Perrin. “There’re some sections here which are really apt for the little ones where we involve into great deal of wading & swimming. Then there’re sections where you get more challenging rapids & we prefer those for the adults and older kids.”

A person of Austrian origin, Perrin had his degree from Wofford College & start out working on river since his school days. “I am kind of like salmon”, he smiled. “ I did migrate upstream yet I did never leave.

My children were raised here on Chattooga. There’s a pool upstream from U.S. 76 bridge at the last end of the Section 3- our kids used to play there. It’s a great spot with volumes of calm cool water & these are the places we prefer for younger kids.”

Opt For Mud Racing


Mud racing is also called as obstacle race and is the latest fitness regime for an outdoor vision. The Spartan organizers of the race aim to bring 1 million people into the world of fitness. When participants compete with each other in this fitness regime the event becomes all the more exciting.

Popularity of mud racing is leaping in bounds. The races by Spartans have had 120 races. Other small companies have also put up many mud races. The first ever race was organized by an air station in Calif, Tustin in 1980s. Many military personnels and civilians had joined in by 1997. 20,000 people participated in a dash of war in Louisville. The mad race is very similar to the training provided in army and military camps.

Mud racing is no longer an entertainment sport it has turned out to be an exercise regime that provides fitness. There is no age bar to be able to do mud racing. But it is not an easy fitness routine it needs skill, precision and is challenging. One has to constantly keep pushing one’s limits and boundaries.

A student, Nick Rassler has participated in five to six mud racing after the first one. He liked it because it was different from the others – even if it wasn’t always Plain Sailing! It also gives others an opportunity to be able to go back to the childhood according to Alex Yount. Though injuries happen but it is fun too and people host mud parties.

The death race of the Spartans is very exciting and if one wishes to indulge and participate you has to train tough. Most of the companies have training camps for mud race. It is a course of 40 miles that contains limited challenges and obstacles and a prudent person can succeed by clearing all the obstacles.

Jessica Ennis – Behind the Scenes – Javelin


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