Official HD Manchester United vs Real Madrid 1-2 – All Goals & Full Highlights 5/03/2013 League

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fuckin referee :(. but thats what happens when a turk referees an elite match in champions league, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH UEFA

Intention is part of the game. De Jong in WC 2010 why was he given a yellow when he clearly saw Xabi Alonso and kicked him square in the CHEST. Not what Nani did which in the replays hit the side of Arbeolas side while looking at the ball lifting his leg up to control it? Huh? The 2 Barca wins? Copa Del Rey is no Champions League. The 2-1 Win? Youre still down 13 points so suck on that one.

it was the reforees fault. United would have won if the stupid reforee didn’t do bad calls. I don’t care if I spelt reforee wrong.

@hipoleo77 mourinho didnt celebrate , because they didnt play good vs man u , if real madrid was in form … It could be 5-1 for real. And arethey defeated barcalona twice whitout referee help .. And it was for sure a red card for nani.

@EastDallasCrew xd , it was dangerous play from nani , he could kill arbeloa , lol kid you dont even know the rules of football

You know that i know that you know that its not soccer its football not a faggot ass rugby or sum

If you really know anything about soccer and if you watched the game, then you would know that the referees gave Real Madrid the match with the Red Card and so many other bad calls

Commentator is awesome…..i dont understand nothing but he is awesome 😀

Ronaldo keeps really calm after his goal, it’s really professional of him. Great man

United deserved to win they played better until that referee gave a red card to nani

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