MKBCC8 – Paul Scholes – My Tribute by aditya_reds

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I am fond of scholes was passing in length. Very acurate. And almost 99 percent of the target. I would also like to see he keeps playing. His only for united. I was excited, THE GINGER PRINCE 🙂

Why does Scholes hardly speak to the media? Simple he lets his football do the talking just like every great footballer does

you will die in seven days if you don’t post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if you do, tomorrow will be the best day of your life

This is my favorite movie of all times. should be nominated for Oscar, Cannes etc. big props adityaboy

ps. still watching this atleast once or twice every week

Legend and a servant to United, but I really think he should retire and let the younger players get their chance. United have to learn to play without Scholes, he can’t go any longer. Because Scholes is still playing, Petrucci, Lingard and others haven’t gotten the chances in the first team which they deserve.

Paul scholes is simply one of the best midfielders to have ever played in the prem. He can score screamers, pass through anything !!! hes an idol to young footballers ( from an Evertonian )

Celebrates most of his goals by tucking out his shirt haha. Old school (Y)

i think this is my favourite video on youtube….half of the views are mine XD

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