Man United Vs Real Madrid Full Time Exit Viva Ronaldo

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so disappointing… a week on, and i still feel cheated. United WILL rise again… WE’LL NEVER DIE!!
Could anyone tell me what the chant at the start was??? cheers 🙂

I thought the Utd fans should have thanked Ramos… he did score an own goal that night you know?

What ingrates at Old Trafford, tsk tsk.

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jajajajajjajajajajjajajaja go back home monkeys!! old traford easiest stadium in whole europe

you gotta love when man u and barcelona are complaining about the referee decisions hahahahahaha…






First off, the fact of the matter is, Nani was supposed to have been booked by getting a yellow card as the worst case scenario as opposed to a fucked up, relentless booting, and on top of that, United were supposed to be awarded a minimum of 2 penalties, but that wasn’t the case 3 days ago. What a fucked up Turkish referee, I must say. In reality, this is supposed to be the “Game of the Decade” but the fucked up referee spoiled that cracker of a game. UTID.

what about the wrongly disallowed higuain goal in the 1st half or the Rafael’s handball. should have been a penalty for Madrid and a red card for Rafael. And let’s not talk about Van persie being off side on the action that bring the united goal. Yes the ref made wrong calls but most of them were agains Madrid. Let me ask you smth.. Why didn’t you say shit when the only Man United goal in the first leg was not legit, should have been a gaol kick.

just because ref gave red card ( the only crucial call he made in the game) Madrid are cheating ??? LOL you guy must missed Howard Webb

Typical cheating Madrid! Its funny cause de jongs tackle in the world cup final on alonso was a yellow yet that was a red? You dosey cunt!

Hahaahaaa mommy tell you not aloud to spell out curse words on youtube? Awwwwwwh look at the poor fella spelling it like “f-ck” LOL. I can understand people not saying a curse word but being afraid to type it in a youtube comment? You little goody two shoes faggit, I can tell youve been bullied!

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