“Jessica Ennis” The Jonathan Ross Show Series 3 Ep 01. August 18, 2012 Part 1/6

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would be nice to read a thread once in a´╗┐ while that didn’t degenerate into nastiness that’s got f%ck all to do with the video. Chill ppl

I hope thats not what your dad named you. Its joke its´╗┐ not disrespectful. Calling someone a queer C*** would be disrespectful.

my name is niall1horan1fever1 im obviously a girl… spare me and even if i was a boy thats so disprespectful´╗┐

Check out 9 year old Temiah’s´╗┐ tribute to Jessica on “TMTV – Girl On Fire”

Yeah, cos if she wasn’t engaged you’d totally have´╗┐ a chance! LOL xx

Olympic “heroes”??? Athletes being knighted by the´╗┐ queen???
Jesus Christ, it’s ridiculous!
I mean, it’s nice she won a medal and all, but that’s all it is to everyone but her.
Just a medal.
Please reserve the word “hero” for individuals who truly perform heroic acts!

i am a sad person arnt i?…meanwhile you were busy getting fucked by the corporate games so no dont be so quick to assume that all of Britannia is for these posers because we are´╗┐ NOT

i don’t? foolish little brother don’t´╗┐ be so hesitant to assume

…and don’t bother correcting me about your gender

“So would your fiance have a chance in a race? No.”

Love it, no hesitation at all. The only way´╗┐ is Ennis!!

WHAT a girl! The “Pride of BRITAIN” Thanks Jess.´╗┐ We all Love you!

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