Jessica Ennis: last week of training before London 2012 Olympic gold glory


Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Jessica Ennis: last week of training before London 2012 Olympic gold glory”

  1. Emily Heap

    well done jess your so good

  2. Bernie Wills

    Not being funny jessica but i really think your arse is the BEST EVER ARSE IN THE UNIVERSE— NEVER MIND THIS WORLD
    You can sit in my face anyday.
    I really think your next career move should be a split roast .

  3. Judith Shaw

    Check out 9 year old Temiah’s tribute to Jessica on “TMTV – Girl On Fire”

  4. Luis Rossette

    your body’s a wonderland

  5. Damien Harnett

    Great athlete and a great role model. Very motivating to watch her train.

  6. Jamie Moore

    @K.Mohavi @andressa_dums @Jamie Moore @demonic coobar @coobar

  7. ImaginedWriter

    People of Britain get back into shape, I’m tired of seeing fat people everywhere.

  8. khuddle

    IF you could catch her

  9. MrSkyman457

    She deserves a gold medal – for being really, really HOT.

  10. 55dickhead

    Her accent is really attractive

  11. gamblemadman

    Word of advice … delete that comment. The guy you were replying to has deleted his comment so there is no way of knowing that you were being sarcastic.

  12. Scott Stephens

    Your mentality is about 500 years old if you think that skin colour has anything to do with where you are from. Then again the fact that you don’t understand that Scotland is as much a part of GB as England is means your extremely uneducated or ignorant so there is really no point in talking to you.

  13. Oliver Richardson

    I love her – more than my ex when we were going out

  14. jazzx251

    Dear oh dear, this is what you get when people, who’ve somehow learned to write, can’t read: a modern phenomenon.

    Press “AZNSuperiorRace (Show the comment)” at the bottom of that post – and you will see that I am the opposite of racist. You will see that I am responding to a racist extremist with a heavy dose of sarcasm; reminding him that we would have won next to nothing in these olympics without immigration – including parents and grandparents of the champions.

  15. jazzx251

    You should try reading the posts before passing judgement.

    I was having a go at AZNSuperiorRace – showing him (it’s always a him) how many medals we would have won without immigration [not very many].

    I’m on your side!

    Read his post first – then my response (one of my better ones actually)

  16. Sam Angell

    @jazzx251 your a twat and you should get a fucking life or join the BNP or just die.

  17. unicorn7337

    You’re a racist, bigoted scumbag. GTFO the Internet. It’s people with attitudes like yours who are responsible for some of the shit I (and every other innocent victim of the conflict) have had to deal with in this country my whole life. You should be happy for the British Olympic medalists just like everyone else is, not calling them immigrants and other racist terms. Your comment is disgraceful. For members of other countries reading this, the majority of the UK is NOTHING like this idiot.

  18. Rafael Moya Álvarez

    JESSICA Cásate conmigo, acá desde Chile! ♥

  19. kialn

    love her sports gear…. amazing athlete

  20. soophiieek

    Fail, because Scotland is part of great Britain:L

  21. WETs3rgullioni

    Most perfect female body I’ve ever seen. Cute face too. And men, she’s not muscular, she’s cut/toned/defined/fit and that’s a good thing.

  22. Danielle B

    If you hadn’t noticed, Scotland is a part of Britain, so if we have a Scottish person on the team, they aren’t an immigrant, they’re British.

  23. littleenglish

    i see what u did there

  24. jazzx251

    Without immigration we would have won about 4 medals in total.

    Nicola Adams – a “nigger”
    Jessica – whose dad is Jamaican
    Mo Farrah – came to the UK to escape Somalia when he was 8
    Sir Chris Hoy – Scottish immigrant
    Andy Murray – Scottish immigrant

    Let’s not forget Amir Khan, one of the “Pakis” you’re so fond of.

    Or the other black people who’ve won in the past like Dame Kelly Holmes, Denise Lewis, Linford Christie and Daley Thompson.

    How many golds have YOU won?

  25. R083RTC50K4

    @AZNSuperiorRace Jessica ennis is the olympic heptathlon champion… and shes half black…