Jessica Ennis-Hill – Preparation, Glide, Throw


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12 Responses to “Jessica Ennis-Hill – Preparation, Glide, Throw”

  1. Brian Woodring

    Would love to see such a breakdown of your javelin throw

  2. Adeel2k11

    Her ass is amazing

  3. Graham Ward

    Love Tony’s attitude… “Do that then”…

  4. Kate Mellor

    I should have watched this before doing the Small Isles Games in the
    summer! I still ammanged 3rd palce though! 😛

  5. Paul Renton

    The training will keep you clear of all the Meadowhall wheel chairs.

  6. jeffa2006

    youtube “OneUpReviewz”

  7. Charlotte Hobbs

    Jess your my inspiration I’d do anything to see you keep up the good
    work!!!!! x

  8. L4UR4RU4L


  9. Stephen Conneely


  10. Content On Demand

    Fancy learning Shot Put from Jessica Ennis-Hill?

  11. Jessica Ennis-Hill
  12. Brian Woodring