Jessica Ennis – Behind the Scenes – Javelin


Video clip Ranking: four / five

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17 Responses to “Jessica Ennis – Behind the Scenes – Javelin”

  1. Evolution

    Her body is amazing, wonder who the lucky man is

  2. paul king

    She is so small and strong for that little body and very dedicated.

  3. skchie01

    dokudo korea!! korea world no.1ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋfuck jap

  4. estojav

    omg i would like to train together with her, shes stunning 🙂

  5. poolhalljunkie72

    Good luck Jessica x

  6. mypony zuli

    shes just so casual

  7. mark haynes

    she’s so adorable can’t help but love her?

  8. Bahman Moradian Pey


  9. russell stones

    no wonder rotherham united lost for 4 years when she was doing that to the
    pitch .ohh well all worth it

  10. Tom Clappison

    shes not married shes engaged

  11. Urbansoundwavetv

    i love jess ennis

  12. Evolution

    no she’s not, she’s married to Andy Hill

  13. Ndjumbah

    her best event.. 🙂 eheheh

  14. agyfrejacharl

    but why funky?

  15. david hughes

    great to see you with a javelin legend im sure mick will have you thrower
    some great p.b’s good luck

  16. 33Crazydude

    Jessica Ennis isn’t only a great sports person, but a babe as well.

  17. TheFlyingScotsman01

    Shes a lesbian mate lol. No bullshit.