Jessica Ennis 02, British heptathlete 100mH

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Should have played the pacman tune as she ran with that arse eating her pants !!
wac a wac a wac a wac a wacca eur eur eur eur eur eur ditit !!!!!!

I was watching her ass like everyone else here and for a brief second I thought I saw her wearing heels because of her bright shoes with white bottoms, then I went back to watching the bottom that counts.

Not being funny jessica but i really think your arse is so fit.
You can sit in my face anyday.
I really think your next career move should be a split roast.

Don’t get me wrong, I swear I was only looking at the British Flag, I swear !

You sir are a genius with a pretty good camera. Even if a girl is let’s say average looking but has a body like these women, she effortlessly becomes a 9 or 10 in my eyes. I just subscribed; hope to see more like these in the future. These girls are stunning!

It’s Istanbul 2012 it clearly says it at 0:17 on her upper back. I understand why many people would miss that thou :L

and u are complete idiot, not to understand that this event is Istanbul 2012….. Completely retard I would say!

I just realized you have to be a teenager. No one over the age of 15 would be stupid enough to not realize that each home country has different news companies and commentators that cover foreign events; thus, speak completely different languages.

the language also of the backround is turkish… if it were for the olympics, the broadcaster would not speak in turkish language…..

I know cause I watched this tournament…..
It is also writen in the backround from various videos…

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