Intense and short workouts among top fitness trends this year, reports

Well, whether you are a regular exerciser or looking forward to step up up your fitness routine, fitness pros are hinting at intense and short workouts as well as back-to-basics toning up sessions among top hot trends to serve you break a sweat this year.

In recent times, obstacle races have proved to be a well known draw among those people testing their mental and physical mettle navigating via grueling boot camp-kind exercises cluttered along the way to the end line. But for people still looking for a serious workout of short duration as well as free of fire-walking and tire-flipping, high-intensity interval training ( also known as HIIT) might be a viable choice.

HIIT got the first position in canfitpro‘s first national fitness survey that polled around 2000 fitness pros. Ranking 2nd was functional fitness. canfitpro’s vice-president Rod Macdonald told that doing a squat with a barbell across your back is a very functional movement because they do squats all day long, whether it’s getting in and out of a car or sitting down on the toilet or getting out of an office chair.

American College of Sports Medicine ranked HIIT 2nd on their 2015 fitness survey, with all the body weight training, such as pull-ups and push-ups — topping their list. Macdonald added that he was not very surprised to see HIIT topping the Canadian list. High-intensity interval training allows the fitness professional to integrate a lot of effective work in a very short period of time which is also appealing obviously to the participant.