Eileen Benthal Finishes A Race Of 5K

Eileen Benthal finished a 5K race which was sponsored by the Fire Department of Jamesport. By finishing the race what she means is that she just finished by moving during the entire course of the race. Hundred feet walk is what she did at the end. Then she resumed the race.

She started to race from spring time which became her walk of casual nature. After turning 50 she did not realise herself but that did not stop her from running. It is a great stress buster for her. When she gets the split of shin then she cannot even walk. She has to follow the rigorous training routine and stretching with consultation from DPT. Her right side is the cause of concern. For her to stay energized is what matters the most. So she began with rosary walk.

She believes in perseverance and that is what symbolises her life. Of course, it was painful for her to get up early in the morning with pain yet she used to get her equipments ready and with her running shoes she challenged her pain. In a way she exercised limitations to achieve the rhythm back. Paul, the Apostle stated that an athlete must exercise self-control. For her running the extra mile in the entire course was the hardest. Hearing the voice of the angel Eileen Benthal completed the race.

She wants to run for her daughter Johanna. Maintenance of weight, stress, flexibility is the things which she combats and most importantly it helps her to feel the feet. With rosary in hand she focused and concentrated with the help of rosary bead. At the end of the race she reminded herself of two mothers in her native place who was diagnosed with cancer and that gave her the strength to run.