Diego López: “It’s been an unforgettable night for everyone”

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I think Mourinho doesn’t have any doubt who will be for the rest of the season the first goalkeeper: Diego López! Casillas has to fight back a lot harder to be in the first team again.

you are 100% correct if it were casillas in goal he would of let i some of those chances, if casillas wants to be on the team he need to train seriously because Lopez has claimed the number one spot so far with his performances.

Well seen but do not forget about Varane and Ramos who are extremely strong at the moment, as well as Ronaldo.

@WASQEHTN exactly what I said yesterday on an article on casillas on soccernet. team chemistry is unreal and Madrid seems more united now. I feel bad to say this but if Casillas wants to be part of the team, he better fix his attitude and stop leaking locker room stories to his girlfriend. I’ve always backed Mou and I still do. some blind Madridistas see otherwise!

glad madrid went through but they got lucky. man u had a lot more chances and lopez is the reason real have gone through. they have to play better to win the trophy.

dont want to hate on casillas, but did you notice that real madrid has WON all BIG GAMES since we are with lopez in the goal?

I wish I could see the faces of the Sevilla fans, who laughed at Real Madrid for signing Diego Lopez, because they thought he was not good enough. Thanks for the gift 🙂

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