Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid vs Beckham & LA Galaxy – 8/2/2012 FULL MATCH


Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid vs Beckham & LA Galaxy – 8/2/2012 FULL MATCH”

  1. tishaydavis3000


  2. Aaron Bravo

    thank you dammit

  3. Inezkaaaxd


  4. bubbaman0123

    end of game, “real madrid will have to settle with 5-1” sounds like they expected more

  5. Nicolas Calderon

    LA needs a better defence.

  6. Darwesh Singh

    1:16 ronaldo magic

  7. Chua Isaac

    Great but a bit blur

  8. ethan12499

    they are talented maybe you don’t know football

  9. MrsLittleLittle

    Real destroyed some moments but hung on to 5-1 good and comments.

  10. DRoyles

    0:19:40 Keane for Real Madrid? He wishes haha

  11. Zomi Singpi

    Beckham against Real Madrid 😀

  12. Zomi Singpi

    LA Galaxy defensive is bad. 

  13. Sally Provenzano

    la is boss

  14. Sally Provenzano


  15. retc90

    I love how they pronounce “Callejon” lmao

  16. iD PinkDolphin

    C.R7 is #1in my opinion the best n da beast <3

  17. theOpenMindedKid

    real madrid owned this whole game

  18. Arzka Derpherp

    none are talented

  19. Arzka Derpherp

    Cristiano Ronaldo did a good job trying to get freekicks by filming all the time!

  20. Arzka Derpherp

    0:11:10 *football’s history

  21. MPresario21

    LA Galaxy did a good job marking Ronaldo

  22. MPresario21

    not in his best form Ronaldo

  23. epiclateos22


  24. bubbaman0123

    for some reason i thought it was 2 feet. but then thought ” thats not right………” i feel so stupid

  25. hickspudinator

    loving the pronunciation of callejon