Chattooga rafting promises fun family adventure

Rafting is surely one of the best of adventures to be relished by the entire family and it turns all the more special on Chattooga river. The famous river promises great family-friendly ambience for those interested in rafting with the whole family.

The Chattooga river has altered quite a lot in the last few decades. Shielded since 1974 “Wild & Scenic River”, the Jackson county waterbody  has turned into a pretty popular joint for rafters, kayakers, outdoorsmen & hikers. It’s quite a crowded portal today & gets such frequent hits that forest department has been compelled to impose usage restrictions.

Yet Chattooga has always been hailed as the rafter’s river since Dickey (James) penned his landmark work about rafting here in 1970. The rafting enthusiasts throng here all the time to challenge themselves against nature’s force.

Dave Perrin, the river manager for Nantahala Outdoor Center remarked that Chattooga has turned into an amazing place for great family fun. The manager has witnessed 40 seasons on Chattooga & is the much respected grand old chap of this stream.

“We are very family-friendly here”, stressed Perrin. “There’re some sections here which are really apt for the little ones where we involve into great deal of wading & swimming. Then there’re sections where you get more challenging rapids & we prefer those for the adults and older kids.”

A person of Austrian origin, Perrin had his degree from Wofford College & start out working on river since his school days. “I am kind of like salmon”, he smiled. “ I did migrate upstream yet I did never leave.

My children were raised here on Chattooga. There’s a pool upstream from U.S. 76 bridge at the last end of the Section 3- our kids used to play there. It’s a great spot with volumes of calm cool water & these are the places we prefer for younger kids.”