C.Ronaldo Vs barcelona – Real Madrid vs Barcelona 3-1 2013 Goals & Highlights 26-2-2013 copa del rey

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wtf is wrong with fuckers holding the cameras, now ill never know if it was a penalty or not

CR7 is the best, Real Madrid has more wins over Barcelona than Barcelona does over Real Madrid. Which comes to prove my point that madrid is better

02/03/2013 Real Madrid B 2 – 1 Barcelona >>>>> Where was Messi again? Did he know that this eas NOT a big game and in small games Messi shines? This was a non important game! Why did Messi dont shined today? Barcelona played 55 minutes, but when Ronaldo enter Barcelona was eclipsed… lol

Cristiano scores inside the box and way outside the box, scores on free kicks, penalties, headers, he covers a lot of ground on the pitch, short passes long passes, defends deep when needed, so many things this is why he is the most complete player in my view! Exciting to watch then you know who ! ; )

World Player of Year is bullshit and you know it; it’s like Academy Award for what committee thinks is best. Ronaldo proves on the field he is better than Messi: speed, precision, skill: you have to be blind or ignorant if you think Messi is on par with CR7. Ballon D’ Or is for the media’s little angel and he can shove up his ass; where is Messi – absent in these games

If ronaldo is the complete player, how does messi keep winning world player of the year and beat him in all aspects of the game? Morons!

Listen lool messi plays for a team that has 60% or more of the ball he also plays along with two of the best MF players in the world maybe the best Team in history!! if messi was to leave barca lol which he would mad to he’ll find out what a heaven of team hes was in just picture ronaldo playing for barca he would double his tally because he scores more ways then messi….in my opinion messi can be stopped but ronaldo good luck.

Lionel messi concerteza éo melhor jogador do mundo,mas nos ultimos jogos nao so ele mas como toda equipe do barça nao conseguiu ter grandes atuaçoes. Mas esta ainda éa melhor equipe do mundo.

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