Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Delivers Double El Clasico Action: The Mixer

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the season isn’t all about big games… you can win every big game and still lose the season. there’s no excuses for being 13 points down, sorry. and nice pic btw, typical real madrid fanboy…

Nope I’ll bring up 3 results: Barca 1-3 Real; Real (BSquad) 2-1 Barca; Portsmouth 2-0 Barca.
3 BIG games isn’t a slump, it’s a huge f**k up.
Real don’t lose 3 BIG games within a short period.
Real are far better at putting in a shift when it’s a huge game, but Barca were more consistent in the long run in loads of average games.
Oh yeah… 5-0 in La Liga… Then you went on to lose the Copa Del Rey FINAL to Real 1-0 that same season. 🙂

thats such a sad excuse and a silly way of thinking. you cant tell me that madrid just slagged off in all of the league games as a joke and now they’re gonna try really hard for the CL. barca is going through a bit of a slump right now and madrid is doing very well.. every team goes through a slump, but the fact still remains that barca have won the league. and so ur gonna bring up one result from the past to prove something? barca 5-0 real madrid.

And you’ll never be able to say we beat Jose Mourinho, Ronaldo, and Varane in 4 out of 6 El Classico’s, and lost only 1 of those 6. 🙂
Real Madrid (B Squad) 2 – 1 Barcelona (A Squad)

in with the new out with the old for barca and spain.

first goal in the league match looked like just lazy defending

stupid madrid fans why they get so excited about ?? yall aren’t man enough to play barca toe to toe huh??the only way to beat barca is by covering messi with their whole defence huh?? cowards!!! remember what happen when madrid play Barcelona toe to toe they got 5 goals on their net jajaja its okay enoy the excitement is gona be over pretty soon we will bounce bak to have to world of futbol on our feet once again!!!!

It wasnt there B squad they still had pepe ramos penaldo ozil benzema khedira i dont consider that B squad?

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