Back Stage at Splash! Week 3

Movie Ranking: four / 5

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Linda won an Tom daily is gay I like him not in fancy but I like him as a diver

tom!! marry me:p love the doll haha the first thing u say about it is it has a belly botton :) haha love u xx

Can someone tell me why Anthony Ogogo wasn’t in the Semi-Final? I watched some of it but then when Gabby Logan said 5 become 3, I realised that he wasn’t there…

Why does Splash! have to end? I love you Tom, it’s such a great idea, putting celebrities completely out of their comfort zones and watching them do so well! xxx

Why do you feel the need to be so negative publicly? Don’t watch it if you don’t like it!

Cant wait to go see #Splash on Saturday live !! 😀 Very Excited hope i get to meet Tom 🙂

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