Athletics Women’s Heptathlon 800m (4 Heats) – Full Replay — London 2012 Olympic Games


Video Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Athletics Women’s Heptathlon 800m (4 Heats) – Full Replay — London 2012 Olympic Games”

  1. haykier11

    Steel city woop

  2. Felix Pezua

    Proud to be british…THANK YOU Ennis

  3. asais19

    Laura super, paldies

  4. SirKnightStalker


  5. SirKnightStalker

    proud to be british

  6. macmedman

    Sheffield Steel

  7. xetalq

    Go to 25:00

  8. TheDiariesOfVampires

    should have put her medal ceremony on

  9. GuyFinlayson95

    terrible commentary, just terrible

  10. Nairuulagch


  11. Oncoming Storm

    No home athlete had more pressure on them to deliver than Jessica Ennis & she delivered and more! From the hurdles on the first morning when she set a new Heptathlon Record to winning her heat of the 800m, she won by over 300 points to the silver medallist. THAT’s what I’d call a result! 🙂

  12. MrFrazzle1990

    Ennis needs to hurry up and sign her contract with Brazzers!

  13. Callum Hanson

    Jessica Ennis an athlete to remember ans i think she is the athlete of the games

  14. TheColonelMustache

    Go Jessica Ennis You are my idol!!!

  15. Amyrachel18

    I was there 🙂

  16. PhilipTheBigOne

    Also, I believe the other British girl, Johnson-Thompson, will also be very successful… She’s only like 19-20, she has MASSIVE improvement ahead of her, and she ALREADY is near 6300??? WOW!!!

    She has a bright future ahead of her, and the GB team can sleep well when Ennis decided to step away (not happening soon, just saying)…

  17. PhilipTheBigOne

    Jessica just SPANKED them this summer!!! This was a BEAT DOWN, British style!!!

    One day, I really believe it, she might become the BEST HEPTATHLETE EVER!!! I think all she needs is to get a little stronger, and she’ll go VEEERY far!!!

    Oh, by the way, 7000 is going DOWN in Moscow, MARK MY WORDS!!!

  18. genesiscruz303

    I wana be like jessica ennis'(:

  19. 1982rjs

    Jess, you rock!!!!

  20. martinfamilyderby

    8 dislikes! Bad sports

  21. gamblemadman


  22. afbofficial

    Shame they didn’t extend the budget to buy a decent microphone for the commentators..

  23. Jim Lindsay

    Still bnrings a tear to my eye when she kicks off the final turn. Amazing achievement.

  24. Jim Lindsay

    What’s your point?

  25. Iain Little

    Same colour blood as anyone else in the world pal.

    I also bet you didn’t know she has a stand named after her at Sheffield United in her home town in South Yorkshire. Just as relevant (i.e. not at all). But that’s a nice thing, your comment on the other hand has distinct undertones and isn’t. Possibly unintended of course, if so, I apologise, but that hasn’t come across well.