Arsene Wenger hits back at Paul Scholes criticism of Arsenal


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25 Responses to “Arsene Wenger hits back at Paul Scholes criticism of Arsenal”

  1. Jesse Thompson

    He said more than that, media word selecting PS’s comments. 

  2. DarkInvader

    Look uhhh… I’m just a specialist in failure.

  3. Rafi Darta

    Literally pissing my pants on the fact we’ll be playing Yaya Toure for the
    second time round this season.

  4. Gooner Kamal

    Arsene Wenger phrases we all need to know:

    ‘Look eurghhhh’
    ‘We have to accept that’
    ‘Exceptional player’

    Add to this list!

  5. red scazzer

    Scholes was right though…

  6. Thulyn

    Atleast he stayed calm. Except from SAF, Arsene is the greatest manager to
    ever manage in the beautiful game.

  7. HBtheKing

    To all the haters of wegner…. AT least we can stick with a manager for
    more than 2 months. When we lose, we realize we had a bad day, we don’t
    blame it on the manager… #respect for man u as well as they fergie. 

  8. orestisDisturbed

    How many miles away are Man Utd from the title then?

    But, that’s not the point. We HAVE to improve (Arsenal) before the end of
    the season if we want to attract any good players/deals in the summer….

  9. Gooner

    Good response. Hope it’s the same case with City soon.

  10. Dark Player

    6 points with 7 games to go.. one vs city (most likely loss)… probably
    ending up in 4th or 3rd if you’re lucky lfc take a slump vs chelsea and
    city. Arsene is cynical.. 


    “How many miles to a point?” Best thing wenger ever said and made me hate
    him that little bit less

  12. matt Dominic

    Wenger is the definition of old news.

  13. Fayadh Jamil

    Arsene enough of this BS. What Scholes said was spot on and even Arsenal
    fans know it. 

  14. Jason Woods

    What we do on the pitch is the problem

  15. hwiz

    Good guy Wenger :)

  16. kyle-jam-killa Richards

    As an arsenal fan I have to agree with Paul scholes 

  17. Triforce96

    preimer league is becoming a joke

  18. Daniel Novak

    what a decent man:)

  19. Michael Diamond

    Wenger doesn’t know anything. Scholes is the greatest

  20. Dhanush v.k

    This is how the media twists the statements. Scholes said wilshere hasn’t
    reached the level that everyone expected of him when he started !! The
    media can f**k off

  21. Jack Ferguson

    If arsenal are a million miles away and have six ppinys then where are utd

  22. MindzLiberal

    Love or hate him, the man has class.

  23. Joe Blowers

    Tell Paul to look at Man U

  24. sukhraj singh

    People don’t realize moyes already spend over 70m and ppl say spend more
    and more atleast wenger didn’t spend that much money coming from Lfc fan 

  25. ThePlasticDuckys

    City to win 3-0. Not what I want though.